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Sunday, January 29th, 2012

The Hellenic Club Friends of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Created in 1990 by 20 founding members. Known as the ‘Hellas’, as the shortening of the name ‘Harley Davidson Club Hellas’, it is the oldest and most recognized group of bikers in Greece and has no relationship or dependence by the manufacturing company, apart from the love and admiration shared by members of the legendary equipment manufactures.
The purpose of founding the Club by the Greek Community of  Harley Davidson motorcycle owners was to promote team work, motorcycling, tourism and the image of our country abroad. To achieve these goals the ‘Hellas’, organized excursions, trips, parties, rallies and all kinds of events targeted to attract, not only to members of HD motor cycle owners but also to  numerous friends and fans of Harley Davidson, and the culture it characterizes. Finally, within the purposes and interests of the Association is the charitable activity, spreading the spirit of motorcycling and the assertion of the rights of the motorcyclist.
The response of the HD Bikers in Greece was for the first time so enthusiastic, that so far the club has received over 600 applications for new member ships. Currently consisting of 150 carefully selected members, and over the past 20 years more than 250 owner of HD motorcycles have proudly worn the insignia of HDCH.
The first roof of ‘Hellas’ created to1992, was situated in Thissio, Asomaton  Square. Many continue even today to reminisce about the carefree of those years, but as members and friends increased, and growing in needs. Thus, in December 2003 ‘Club Hellas’ moved to a new building at 52 Constantinoupleos Avenue,back residing until today. The space is large and functional and has the form of welcoming bikers  at the bar where we can realize all our events .
We have members from other cities of Greece besides Athens from, Rhodes, Mytilini, Patras and Crete. The first official annexed clubs were in Chrissoupoli, Kavala, Alexandroupolis, Kos and Thessaloniki, but today, apart from the Club of Athens, we have and cooperate greatly with the annex ‘Club Hellas’ of Thessaloniki with about 30 members.

Our European presence
The dynamics of our club is not confined only in our country. The ‘Club Hellas’ was since 1993 member of the ‘Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe’-(FH-DCE). The Federation consists of 60 European Clubs with more than 30,000 members.Participating in the annual Federation Harley Davidson Clubs Europe grand gathering, known throughout Europe and the motorcycle world as the  ‘FH-DCE Super Rally’. Held every year in a different European country which attracts thousands of friends who come over on their motorcycles, to enjoy life outdoors, concerts and happening while experiencing the teamwork that is in the lifestyle and culture of HD.
The ‘Club Hellas’ was appointed twice to organize the FH-DCE Super Rally event in our country. The first was in 2001 at Drepanou Beach of Igoumenitsa.There we gathered 5,000 motorcycles and 7.000 Bikers and friends, from 22countries, making the event the first and largest motorcyclists gathering with international participation, ever held in Greece. The second was in 2010 in the Municipality of Patras at the Aghia Beach.There were over 6,500 motorcycles and 9,000 riders scoring the greatest success for a Greek Motorcycle Club. The four days in Patras had a universal appeal because we were able to organize the ‘RRide’ and break the ‘Guinness World Record’ . as The Largest Parade of Harley Davidson Motorcycles in the world,consisting of 2.404 Bikers with a parade length of 4.5 km , on May 22 2010crossing over the  Rio–Antirio Bridge,attracting media from Greece and abroad who were interested to catch the unique moment as until today holding the Record.

Our Events
Every year we organize a series of major events, the National Gathering of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle named ‘National Rally’. It is organized in a different location every September and has become the largest gathering of HD in our country. Established events are now the ‘Christmas Party’ that is organized either in an Athens rock club or at our Clubhouse, our ‘Bike Show’ in which the best  custom motorcycle compete to win the awards, the ‘Aegean Party’ is a party where we land with our motorcycles in an island in the Aegean sea and have a weekend partying,  we continuously organize trips, gatherings,celebrations, parties with different themes, and happenings.

Our Club is open to members and friends every Wednesday and Friday after 9 pm.